Holcombe Foundation
Who We Are
The Holcombe Foundation LLC serves as a conduit for providing humanitarian, educational, and spiritual support. This support is provided through both faith-based and secular organizations which share our core values.
The Holcombe Foundation LLC is a Florida Limited Liability Company created solely for the purpose of supporting the philanthropic activities of the Holcombe Family. The Holcombe Foundation LLC is not seeking, and will not accept, funds from outside sources. We are completely financed by members of the Holcombe Family.
The Holcombe Foundation LLC can be contacted via email. Please understand that given the volume of communication we receive, we may not respond to all inquiries. The Holcombe Foundation LLC does not accept unsolicited grant applications.
How We Do It
The Holcombe Foundation LLC does not provide support directly to individuals. We leverage our resources by providing support through other established organizations with demonstrated expertise in the area of need.
When the Holcombe Foundation LLC provides funding to an organization, we hold that organization accountable for meeting specific objectives. In some cases we may also become more actively involved with the organization, providing specific expertise in support of the organization's mission.
Also visit the Holcombe Scholars website.
What We Do
We look for investments with the potential to change lives, both in the short-term and for generations to come. Here are some examples of what we do:
  • Missions - We have supported (and participated in) missions in fifteen countries across four continents, with several mission partners. Some have been humanitarian aid based, but all have been spiritually focussed.
  • Church Building - We have funded more than 75 church and orphanage projects in 24 countries, including; Pakistan, India, Burkina Faso, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Columbia, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Paraguay, Uruguay, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Mali, Vietnam, Uganda, Togo, Thailand, Bulgaria, Costa Rica and Russia.
  • Education - The way out of poverty is education. So we fund a Christian school class in Haiti. But one of our major initiatives is funding college scholarships here at home.
1/7   We are all God's children, these are in Cuba
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The Holcombe Family
We could give you details about our family, but what we are able to accompish through the Holcombe Foundation LLC is not about us.
Our family has been entrusted by God with his resources. We are expected to invest them wisely. We are working to do that through the Holcombe Foundation LLC.
Our Core Values
We believe that every person is valuable to God, Christian and non-Christian.

We believe that love and caring relationships - with others and with God - should be the foundation of everything we do.

We believe Christians should celebrate their commonality in Christ as opposed to their differences in organized religion.

We believe it is our responsibility to win souls for Christ.
Leveraging God's Gifts
We are expected to invest God's resources wisely. The best way for us to do this is to partner with other organizations. We have no desire to build a delivery network in each area where we wish to invest.
We select organizations that share our values and have demonstrated expertise in those areas where we feel a calling. This approach allows us to bless those organizations with support while allowing us to achieve maximum impact from our committed resources.
We believe each organization (including ours) should focus on their core competency.
Making Disciples of All Nations
The pictures in this album are of our first church construction project done in partnership with International Cooperating Ministries - Iglesia de Jesucristo in Laria, Peru.
This church was dedicated to Lynn Montanye Holcombe, Jr.
Investing to Change Lives
You change people's lives one at a time. We look for investments that will not only have a significant impact on someone's life, but investments where this impact may also be felt for generations to come. Some examples include:
  • Help someone get an education and their family will benefit for generations. So we sponsor school children in underdeveloped countries, and we provide university scholarships here at home.

  • Help grow a church congregation and the community will grow spiritually for generations. So we sponsor the building of churches, and mission trips to countries where we can spread the Love of Christ.

  • Bring hope in a desperate situation and you turn despair into potential. So we bring hope by providing humanitarian support around the globe, from AIDS orphans in Africa to families in need here at home.
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